Blackhawk Underground Services installs electrical transmission and distribution lines for public and private facilities across the United States. Our scope of work includes installation of electrical conduit and fiberoptic cable, on-site electrical for modular building installations, and retrofitting energized substations and facilities.

No matter the project complexity or timelines, our team approaches the job with a comprehensive plan that allows us to execute and meet customer expectations.  

Blackhawk Underground Services completes gas transmission and distribution pipelines for natural gas and utility customers. Our pipeline projects range from 4” to 36” gas transmission lines and from 1/2” to 16” gas distribution lines. We complete complex gas transmission and distribution projects with safety top of mind.

From transmission pipelines that move natural gas from compression stations and storage facilities to regulators and distribution systems that deliver gas to businesses and homes, we know our work must be completed to the highest quality standards to ensure the performance of our client’s’ services. 

Blackhawk Underground Services has executed projects for industrial plants and refineries. Our scope of work includes modifications to processing facilities that utilize various types of above and below ground piping systems, as well as design and construction for new facilities.